Power & Politics Full Show: Pair of hurricanes leave untold damage in Florida, the Caribbean

We are still witnessing the catastrophic damage a pair of hurricanes left behind in the United States and across the Caribbean.
Hurricane Fiona left more than 1 million people in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic without power or clean water and experts believe the total cost of the damage will be several billion dollars.
Hurricane Ian left all of Cuba and its 11 million residents without power, but the process of rebuilding has already begun in these countries.
A lot of that work connects right back to Westchester, the Hudson Valley and New York. The state immediately stepped up to offer equipment and people to aid their recoveries. And many local organizations have also answered the call with volunteers, food, shelter, and clean water.
Jonathan Gordon is joined by Westchester County Legislator Jose Alvarado to discuss the help being sought and how it’s being rolled out.