Power restored at detention center after inmates left in the dark for days

Power was restored Sunday at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn after inmates and workers had to face freezing temperatures inside the prison for days.
Protesters rallied for three days demanding that power be restored to the hundreds of inmates left in the dark by the outage.
Con Edison crews started working Sunday morning to fix the power.
City and state officials had been visiting the facility and talking to inmates, making it clear there's a bigger issue that goes beyond the lock down.
Family members weren't able to communicate with anyone from the inside ever since an electrical fire knocked out the power last weekend.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons said inmates have hot water for showers and their basic necessities. but many people still want answers from the warden.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently called for an investigation into what has been going on inside the facility.
Even though the power is back, many people say they're not leaving until they know that the heat is running throughout the building.
A spokesperson for MDC said in part, "Inmates have hot water for showers and hot water in the sinks in the cell. Essential personal hygiene items and medical services continue to be provided. The facility has accepted resources from the New York City Emergency Management and the New York Department of Corrections."