Power restored in time for Christmas Eve to hundreds of Belmont building tenants

Con Ed crews worked to restore power to tenants at a building in Belmont after they say a fire broke out in an underground utility hole Thursday.
Over 250 people in the area lost electricity Thursday morning, but finally got it back by nighttime on Christmas Eve.
The work by crews occurred while ConEd has been warning of storm-related outages with heavy rain and high winds heading towards the city.
They say they've called in extra workers just in case utility lines went down and the lights went out.
They have warned customers to make sure cell phones are charged and flashlights have fresh batteries.
One resident who lives in the building that lost power told News 12 over the phone how grateful she is to have it back on. She explained that it was upsetting because some people’s spirits are down due to the pandemic.
Con Ed also cautioned residents that if they see power lines that are down to report them and stay away from them as they may still be live.