Preschools use fashion to help kids express and celebrate themselves

Fashion is a form of expression and celebration, and preschools across New York City just wrapped up their unit on fashion.
On Friday, Friends of Crown Heights students put on a fashion show to culminate what they’ve learned.
“It’s about celebrating the diverse culture we have here,” said Boimh Sayway, education director at Friends of Crown Heights. “We just want to make sure we appreciate the background of everyone."
The preschool students walked the walk, sporting lungis, sarees and more of their respective families’ traditional attire. The students learned about why countries around the world use the fabrics they do and why they were the traditional garments they may see their parents wearing.
“From Bangladesh, to Puerto Rico, to Santo Domingo... It says that we see you, we celebrate you, and we honor you. Every single child and all of their family,” said Dr. Kara Ahmed, Deputy Chancellor of the Division of Early Childhood Education.