President proclaims January as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

President Joe Biden has once again claimed January as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
Human trafficking includes sex trafficking and forced labor. The U.S. State Department says there's an estimated 27.6 million adults and children subjected to trafficking worldwide, including in the United States.
Victim services, such as local organization Safe Horizon, see a vast majority of labor trafficking victims, particularly among the population of recent migrants who are exploited.
"Many of our clients may not be subjected to physical violence at all and yet they feel completely constrained, completely vulnerable, and without options," said Amy Shogan, supervising attorney of Safe Horizon's anti-trafficking program. "Any opportunity that you have to help those around you become educated - then you're doing a great service."
Warning signs to look out for regarding labor exploitation include living with the employer, not being able to speak to the person alone, or any signs of physical abuse.