Proposed student loan program could offer financial relief in exchange for volunteer work

Teachers and nurses in Connecticut could be getting some help for their student loans through a new proposed program that offers monetary relief in exchange for volunteer work.  
The proposed pilot program could get students back up to $20,000 from their student loans over four years.
Those who qualify for the program include full-time nurses, teachers, child care workers, or mental health or social services professionals who went to a public college or university in Connecticut
In order to be considered for the program, officials say applicants must have lived in Connecticut for at least five straight years since graduating, make under $125,000 if married or $100,000 if single.
The program works when participants send receipts from their school loan payments to the state every year and agree to volunteer at least 50 hours for an approved nonprofit, without getting any extra payment. If the state approves the program, they will reimburse up to $500,000 of student loan payments for up to four years.
The state estimates the program will cost about $10 million.
The state's appropriations committee will hold a public hearing scheduled for tomorrow to get feedback from the public about the proposed program.