Prosecution: Video, texts prove ex-boyfriend responsible for 2016 Canarsie killing

Closing arguments were delivered Thursday in the trial of a man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2016.
Keon Richmond, 35, is accused of shooting Alastasia Bryan, a rookie corrections officer, execution-style in Canarsie. Richmond is charged with second-degree murder.
During closing arguments, prosecutors say surveillance video, text messages and phone records all prove that Richmond shot Bryan as she sat in her car near Avenue L and East 73rd Street. They say not only was he tracking her days before, but that he approached her car with the intention of ending her life.
However, defense attorneys say there is reasonable doubt in this case - that there are no eyewitnesses, no DNA evidence and no videos that show Richmond firing the gun.
Now it's on the jury to determine Richmond's fate. Deliberations are expected to begin Monday morning.