Prospect Heights beer supply company offers virtual classes, supplies to make drinks

A Prospect Heights beer supply company is now open at a distance for customers looking for an alcoholic beverage.
Bitter and Esters is the only home brew supply company in New York City.
Owner John LaPolla started in the beer business in 1992. He says water, malted barley, hops and yeast are the four ingredients in beer.
"We are a home brew supply shop," LaPolla says. "We sell all the ingredients you need to make beer. We do have some wine ingredients, but we do focus mainly on beer."
The 10-year-old business had created a community space before the pandemic, allowing many to make their own beer.
LaPolla says every month they would do a swap, where people would come and taste each other's beers.
Due to the pandemic, the business is now holding classes on making beer on Zoom. No one has been in the store since late March.
LaPolla says new people are buying their beginning kits to learn how to make beer.
He says he gets to see people as they pick up their orders at the door, but misses hanging out with them.