Prospect Heights taking further steps towards community bike boulevard

The Prospect Heights community is torn over the potential addition of a bike boulevard along Underhill Avenue.  
Neighbors are split between changes that some say could improve safety for bikers and pedestrians, while others say the addition could cause excessive traffic and potentially become a safety hazard.  
Members of the Prospect Heights Neighbors Development Council, known as PHNDC, say the area has had many crashes. The Department of Transportation had a community survey in 2021 that found that 86% of local residents want to see Underhill Avenue have more opportunities for bikers and pedestrians.  
Mayor Eric Adams ordered a new survey be done in Prospect Heights to gauge support regarding the redesign. The results of that survey have yet to be released.
On the other side, members of the United Neighbors of Prospect and Crown Heights say the plan was created on false information, and that the changes made, including the introduction of Underhill Plaza in 2023, have made the area an obstacle course.  
Both sides are now awaiting on Mayor Eric Adams to begin new surveys that could determine the next steps for Underhill Avenue.