Prospect Park Zoo nears reopening after almost 8 months

The zoo says it will have all the details online once there is official news to share.

Greg Thompson and

News 12 Staff

May 8, 2024, 11:08 AM

Updated 9 days ago


The Prospect Park Zoo seems to be nearing a reopening, almost eight months after the Wildlife Conservation Society says flooding from Tropical Storm Ophelia damaged the Prospect Park Zoo's boilers, HVAC and electrical systems, forcing it to close.
Neighbors, like Cara Claymore, from Prospect Lefferts Gardens, admit they've "been a little surprised at how long the closure has gone on.
Others, like Jose Custodio from Flatbush, say it has been a rough time for the area, since the zoo "brings joy to the kids, to the families, and this is part of the community."
News 12 met several families of tourists, including the family of Sonya Sandy, who were in town from both Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos, and had attempted to bring their kids to the zoo.
Sandy said it was tough for her son, because "he was hoping, he was excited to come and see, so it's sad, it really is. Quite disappointing."
Back in late January, officials had told News 12 that while the animals were fine after the flood, they needed to get permanent electrical power back on around the zoo. A worker told News 12 off-camera that has now been fully fixed, but they still have a few other repairs to do before they can reopen.
"It would be very wonderful to have something open soon," Claymore says. "Living near the park and living near the zoo is very sustaining and very nourishing for me."
As for how soon it will be, the zoo wrote on Instagram that it will be reopening this spring.
On the same post, it also answered a comment by saying that it hopes to have an exact date "very soon."
Custodio says when the time comes, "this is what the community needs - for the zoo to be open. It's going to be a beautiful experience."
Claymore is also looking forward to it, saying "the second they open, I'm there. I've got to see the otters."
The zoo says it will have all the details online once there is official news to share.

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