Protest at City Hall calls to end sudden homeless encampment sweeps

Protesters marched through the streets and gathered near City Hall to call on the mayor to stop the rapid removal of homeless encampments.
Those in attendance called on Mayor Eric Adams to invest in affordable housing options for homeless New Yorkers, saying the removals of homeless encampments have cost people their belongings and connections to services.
“These sweeps separate people from the things they rely on, separate them from the community,” said one protester. “People have lost things, medications, important documents, because when these sweeps happen, they’re not gentle.”
Advocates are also demanding the city place homeless New Yorkers in hotels, as they say shelters are often overcrowded and at times dangerous.
"There's no housing specialist. That voucher you get, the amount is not enough,” said Rosalind Casillas, a Bronx resident who was once homeless. “We need to fight for resources.”
Adams has previously defended the sweeps, saying he is working to preserve the dignity of homeless New Yorkers.