Protest breaks out fighting against plans to close SUNY Downstate hospital

A major protest broke out in front of Lennox Baptist Church as SUNY Downstate chancellor John King met with the clergy to discuss SUNY’s plans to close the hospital.
News 12’s Mary-Lyn Buckley spoke with dozens of protesters about why they’re up in arms over the closure of SUNY Downstate.
A SUNY spokesperson provided the following statement:
"While SUNY Downstate continues to tackle systemic health disparities in Brooklyn and beyond, years of financial instability and a hospital facility in disrepair have put the short-term viability and long-term success of the institution in jeopardy. We are in the beginning stages of developing the plan for a stronger Downstate, based on community and stakeholder input. We are committed to preserving inpatient services with partner hospitals in the community, while also continuing and expanding ambulatory care options and building the Brooklyn Institute of Health Equity."