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Protesters halt construction of controversial Crown Heights high-rise

Several arrested as protesters stopped work at a construction site in Crown Heights Thursday.

News 12 Staff

Jan 9, 2020, 2:03 PM

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Protesters interrupted construction of an 18-story high-rise development on Carroll Street in Crown Heights today, resulting in some arrests.
Alicia Boyd was one of the first protestors to be arrested. Boyd and the others who joined in throughout the morning have been in an ongoing legal dispute with the developer, who is trying to build the 18-story building.
Some fear that the building will have a negative impact on the surrounding environment, such as trees and flowers. The city and developers say they have performed assessments and determined that the impacts will not be significant.
A temporary restraining order had been issued to the developer. According to the protesters, it remains in effect.
However, workers at the site say they have permits from the Department of Buildings. Boyd tells News 12 that's not true.
"The Department of buildings is on that lawsuit and was notified of the temporary restraining order and they are violating that temporary restraining order," says Boyd.
The DOB responded to News 12 with a statement saying the permits were issued on Jan. 7 after a review of the plans found them to be in compliance. They say the temporary restraining order did not prohibit permits from being issued.
Police warned protesters to stop blocking the entrance of the site. Protesters refused and called on the NYPD to shut down the site until the restraining order is lifted.
"To those who refused, they were taken to the precinct to be issued summonses," says Boyd.
The protesters say that the next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 21. However, they say they'll be back at the site once more if they find out work is continuing.

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