Protesters dance outside Borough Hall in protest of travel ban

Activists came together Monday night outside of Borough Hall to “stomp out the Muslim ban” in protest of the travel ban that is now in its third iteration.
Activists from the Arab-American Family Support Center and the “Take on Hate” campaign protested the Trump administration’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries, Venezuela and North Korea.
The activists said they invited girls and young women to share the impact the travel ban has had on their lives, loved ones and their communities. Participants told News 12 that the Dabke dance represents their resistance.
“When we are dancing Dabke [a form of Arab step-dancing] at a time when the ban is coming out, we are saying that as a community we are strong, we are resistant, we still find joy,” said Aber Kawas, of the “Take the Hate” campaign.
After the protest, organizers told News 12 they are starting a social media campaign against bigotry in which they're asking people to post #stomptheban on social media with videos of themselves dancing in protest.