Protesters rally for accountability on two-year anniversary of Jan. 6 capitol riots

Two years ago, Jan. 6 became a notorious day in American history after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol Building.  
New Yorkers rallied outside the New York Public Library Friday in defense of democracy and to spread awareness that there is still justice and accountability to be had towards those who participated in the riots.  
Rise and Resist and Indivisible Nation BK hosted the rally as part of the nationwide movement to demand accountability for the leaders of the insurrection, as well as democratic reforms to prevent power grabbing incidents like this. 
“The insurrectionist disqualification clause says that anyone who has taken oath of office and then engages in insurrection against the U.S. government is then prohibited from ever holding public office again,” said Alexandra Flores-Quilty, campaign director of Free Speech for People. “Today we are gathering… to call attention to what happened two years ago and to demand accountability.” 
Protestors waved signs and repeated one word – indict. They say they’re calling for the indictment and impeachment of multiple elected officials who were in office at the time of the Jan. 6 riots.  
“We believe in the United States, and we believe in democracy. We don't want to see it overthrown and we don’t want to see the electoral process overthrown,” said Jonathan Walker, organizer and activist for Rise and Resist. “If we're out here calling it like it is, we hope that other people will feel emboldened, and together with us to stand up as well.” 
Since the attacks on the capitol building that left five people dead, a long list of rioters have been arrested or charged – including 47 New Yorkers.  
Sen. Brad Hoylman introduced the RIOT Act this morning. RIOT, which stands for “restrict insurrectionists from office-taking”, will prohibit those who engage in insurrection from serving in civil office in New York.  
The activists rented out an “indict mobile” video screen, which stopped at intersections across the city displaying video from the day of the insurrection to spread awareness and inform New Yorkers.