PSAL vaccine mandate for student athletes causes teams to cancel games

The PSAL vaccination mandate for student athletes in high-risk sports are causing teams to struggle to fill out their rosters for upcoming games.
At least one game for this weekend has already been canceled because teams cannot field 25 players. 
Coaches who have spoken to News 12 say the past few weeks have been more than difficult. 
Football games at the PSAL’s highest level start Sept 10. Some teams will not know if they will can suit up until almost gametime. 
One coach says he knows his team will not be playing this weekend.
He is choosing to be optimistic for the rest of the season. 
The coach hopes things change so that his team that missed all of last year because of the pandemic, will be able to play.
Some parents of the student athletes say their kids got the vaccine because they felt forced to do so.