Puerto Rico devastated again 5 years after Hurricane Maria impact

Puerto Ricans have been left to pick up the pieces of their island again after Hurricane Fiona ran through it, leaving many without power.
Today marks five years since Hurricane Maria touched down in Puerto Rico, and devastated the entire island. Up until this weekend, infrastructures and homes were still being rebuilt from the devastation that was brought by Maria to only be destroyed again by what was Category 1 Hurricane Fiona.
Maria hit Puerto Rico in the morning hours of Sept. 20 with dangerous winds and heavy rain that flooded towns, destroyed homes and infrastructure and killed many people.
Puerto Ricans say Fiona is bringing back the flashbacks of Maria.
"What's happened is happening again because it was already there. Like, if I have a cut and I scratch that cut and more blood comes out, that's how it is in Puerto Rico right now. They have a big scratch, and the scratch is getting bigger," says Daniel Alvarez.
News 12 spoke to Councilmember Rafael Salamanca about donations, and he says his office is taking donations for generators and solar powered lamps at the moment.