Rally held after NYS Supreme Court puts temporary restraining order on budget cuts to public schools

A rally was held Thursday after a New York Supreme Court judge decided to continue a temporary restraining order that would prevent the Department of Education from making budget cuts to public schools.
The event held in Foley Square comes after a group of parents and teachers filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education over cuts approved by Mayor Eric Adams.
Those rallying say Adams violated state law by passing before allowing the city's education oversight panel to vote.
"We're here as parents, students, educators and community members to tell Mayor Adams we have the money to fund our schools and there's no reason we should be cutting it,” said Alliance for Gality Education advocacy director Zakiyah Ansari.
According to the city’s comptroller, the proposed budget net reduction is more than $370 million.
"A lot of my colleagues, a lot of great teachers don't know if they have a job going back into the school year,” added teacher Megan Meskop-Toler. “A lot of students don't know what their class will be because the administrators are still having to wait to find out what budgets will be."
The judge says he plans to allow the City Council to revote on the education budget. The final decision is expected to be announced tomorrow.
Organizers say they are urging parents, teachers and community members to continue following up with elected officials to demand the restoration of $469 million.