Rallygoers: New MTA proposal would eliminate several bus stops in Coney Island

Activists, elected officials and community leaders gathered in Coney Island for a rally against proposed Metropolitan Transportation Authority budget cut in their recent bus redesign plan.
People at the rally say new proposals drafted by the MTA would eliminate several bus stops in Coney Island.
The MTA says the proposed plan would eliminate some stops in order to speed up commute times on certain routes.
Councilman Justin Brannan was among the community leaders that packed the bus stop on the corner of Surf Avenue and West 28th Street.
"Cutting these stops sort of indiscriminately doesn't make any sense. You're cutting stops outside gigantic senior homes,” he said. “People rely on public transportation."
Many rally participants are concerned about how the loss of the bus stops will impact commuters.
"It's very hard to travel, especially in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. It's not easy to get on and off these buses. We need buses that are longer. We need buses that come quicker. We need buses that will take people to their destination in a timely manner,” said activist Charlene Davis.
The MTA said in a statement, “Incorporating public feedback was crucial to the Bronx bus redesign process with significant changes made in response to customer input. We will follow that same principle as we gather feedback for the Brooklyn bus redesign proposed final plan and encourage Brooklyn bus riders to participate and have their voices heard.”