Recent attacks on bus drivers leave MTA workers concerned for their safety

Two recent assaults on MTA bus drivers have sparked concern for the safety of MTA workers and passengers.
One incident involved a suspect punching an MTA bus driver in the forehead in Brooklyn. According to an MTA spokesperson, the bus was put out of service after the incident at the corner of Schaffer Street and Wilson Avenue.  
A spokesperson for the MTA issued a statement saying, "Violence against MTA workers is reprehensible and will not be tolerated, and those who commit such acts have no place on public transit.” 
Another driver was attacked in Manhattan last month after being pepper sprayed by a person who flagged the bus down.  
City data shows that there have been 1,721 transit crime complaints this year as of Sept. 26. – a 42% increase since 2021.  
“I just feel terrible for the MTA workers,” said one bus rider. “I hope we can do something like precautions to keep drivers safe.”