Redistricting leads to polling place confusion for August primary

With New Yorkers taking to the polls in the second primary election of the summer, recent congressional redistricting is leaving some of them confused on where to cast their votes.  
“They weren’t even clear about where they were really supposed to go,” said Dr. Burchell M. Marcus, a community advocate from Canarsie. 
“One woman says she was told she had to go 10 or 15 blocks down to another polling site. She said she’s not going to go. She had a walker. And she said there’s no way she can use this walker to walk down there.” 
Marcus says that many Canarsie residents have been turned away from their previous nearby polling site along Farragut Road, and redistricting has been a hot-button topic for them.  
Brooklyn residents attended a redistricting hearing this past Sunday, where many residents said they were displeased with the new maps.  
“Something has to be done,” said Dr. Marcus. “We have to address this more sternly and let the people know that we aren’t going to sit back and let them do as they please.”
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