Rep. Espaillat offers road to easing migrant crisis burden for NYC

New York City continues to contend with the migrant crisis as local elected officials call for federal government to provide financial aid.
Rep. Adriano Espaillat has heard those calls for action and says the current proposal being discussed by the Senate has over $1 billion allocated for the migrant crisis – but he thinks there should be more.  
As the deputy chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a former undocumented immigrant himself, Espaillat also thinks that getting people employed quicker is the key to success.  
"Once you work, you're no longer a load on the city. You go rent a room, you go rent a basement apartment somewhere, just like all immigrants have done for decades and decades in the past,” said Espaillat.  
Espaillat says the economy needs immigrants and that getting them job permits is paramount.  
“Once you get a job you're on your own and you're able to provide for yourself and your family and most of the migrant tell me when I speak to them, that all they want to do is work,” said Espaillat.