Rep. Max Rose returns from deployment, urges New Yorkers to support health care workers

Rep. Max Rose, who represents parts of Southern Brooklyn and Staten Island, got back in uniform to fulfill his duty as a captain in the National Guard. 
Rose took part in setting up a hospital at South Beach Psychiatric Center on Staten Island in the fight against COVID-19. 
While he was deployed for two weeks, his office continued to serve the district. Now that he’s back, News 12 was told what his goals were. 
 "We need to fight for more testing, not less, we need to fight for more PPE, we need to fight to support more people economically,” said Rose. "We have to have a plan to incrementally open this economy back up because people are suffering economically, but we just have to make sure that that plan is not done so quickly that it results in even more loss of life,” said Rose. 
One thing Rep. Rose wants everyone to remember is to support those on the front line of this fight.
"Saying thank you for your service is not enough. We have to be there for them in the short term, as well as in the long term,” said Rose.