Rep. Torres urges Biden to waive Jones Act to further Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts

Rep. Ritchie Torres is calling on the federal government to do more to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona.
Torres, who just returned from the island, says half of the area has lost electricity and running water.
President Joe Biden has vowed to have the federal government pay for 100% of emergency repairs for 30 days.
However, Torres says he wants to see the president go beyond permanent repairs. He and the New York City Council are calling on the federal government to waive the Jones Act.
The Jones Act, which is roughly a century old, only allows Puerto Rico to receive goods on American ships.
New York City residents are also taking part in smaller scale events to help Puerto Rico recover.
Bronx hip-hop dancer Crazy Legs will host a fundraiser party Tuesday at the Chelsea Music Hall rom 6 p.m. to 11. There is a $30 admission fee which he says all proceeds will go towards relief efforts to help buy supplies, like solar lights.