Republican-led caravan in Marine Park pushes for votes in support of GOP gubernatorial candidate Zeldin

A caravan in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin made its way to Marine Park on Sunday.
The Republican voter-led caravan that started at Floyd Bennet Field aimed to get those last-minute votes before the election this Tuesday.
In the final stretch of the 2022 campaign season and before the voting polls close on Tuesday night, Zeldin's supporters said they want voters to remember exactly what's at stake.
"Crime, the vaccine mandates, and masking our children and inflation," said Republican voter David Rem. He said he was once a proud member of the Democratic party, but due to an increase of pushing assaults on the subway system, he feels his former party hasn't done enough to keep his family safe.
"I have a 17-year-old Latina, Hispanic daughter that rides the New York City subway every day, and when she leaves to go to school in the morning, I am deathly afraid that she will not come home in the evening and I will never see my daughter again," Rem said.
According to Republican Council Member Inna Vernikov, Rem isn't alone.
"As a councilmember representing my district, I get complaints from the members of my community every week about somebody getting beaten, eggs being pelted at kids. Everyone is afraid. We're at high alert and that must change ASAP," Vernikov argued.
With just two days until the election, supporters like Rem said they'll be out advocating for that change until the last vote is counted.
Supporters said that they are confident that Zeldin will be victorious on Tuesday. They said event if he doesn't win, events like this one will only send a message that Republicans are united and ready to take control of New York.