Resident voices frustration about ‘dangerous’ intersection in Brighton Beach

A Brighton Beach resident is voicing his frustration about an intersection in the area that he says is unsafe for pedestrians. 
Usman Chugtai says he avoids the intersection at Neptune Avenue, Homecrest Avenue and East 12th Street in Brighton Beach. 
Since 2018, he says he’s been reaching out to the Department of Transportation for either a yield sign or a pedestrian walk signal to be placed at the intersection. 
Usman tells News 12 he's also been told by the DOT that there haven't been enough accidents at this intersection in order for them to take action. But he says that's exactly what he's trying to avoid.
"For me to cross, I have to go down the block, cross from the other side, and then walk down the block, in order for me to be safe,” said Chugtai. 
He says the steady flow of traffic coming from multiple directions, turning onto East 12th Street makes it hard for pedestrians and even kids at a nearby school to cross the street. 
"I'm very upset when I see especially the kids. For seniors, forget about it. Seniors don't even attempt,” said Chugtai. 
A spokesperson for DOT says the intersection hasn’t been studied for more than 20 years and that they plan to take another look into the issue upon receiving a formal request for a signal.