Residents at Butler Houses call on NYCHA to clean up mounds of garbage

Many residents living at the Butler Houses are calling on NYCHA to deal with mounds of garbage sitting outside for way too long.
Some of the mounds are taller than fences.
Residents say the piles have been growing the past three to four weeks. NYCHA says it's a build up from the Christmas and New Year's long weekends, but it did dispatch more staff and garbage trucks to help.
NYCHA showed News 12 a photo from last Tuesday of the clean up in front of the two building on Webster Avenue.
The president of the Tenants Association, Cornell Nolton, says the garbage is overflowing and is a NYCHA problem and partially the residents' problem.
Nolton says even his complaint calls to 311 have gone unanswered.
NYCHA says it has escalated trash removal services at the Butler Houses, and is contracting with a vendor to provide an additional container for all of it.