Residents brave wet, windy weather for last-minute holiday shopping in Canarsie

Rainy and windy weather on Christmas Eve didn’t stop last-minute holiday shoppers at a Canarsie shopping center.
That’s because many of them said they need to get their shopping in before stores are closed on Christmas Day.
Nick Ferreira, the manager of the Ideal Food Basket at Parkway Plaza said rain or shine, storm or not, they always see a flood of last-minute shoppers, especially before Christmas Day.
"Days like this, whether it's snowing or raining, 10 below the day before of a major holiday, we always get this huge rush,” Ferreira explained.
Stronger winds and spouts of rain didn't cause much concern for shoppers.
“I'm not really worried about it, but I'd rather have snow then have this storm coming in. As long as it's nothing major, I'll be fine,” said shopper Yuwanda Oglesby.