Residents: Nothing being done to address dangerous sinkhole in Woodlawn

A sinkhole at the intersection of 238th Street and Katonah Avenue is concerning some Bronx residents who say nothing has been done for the hazard it poses.
Woodlawn neighbors say a cone covers the sinkhole, but it is frequently knocked over. They say buses that drive through the area have to go around it.
One resident told News 12 that he's lived in the area for a few months and that although several complaints have been made, the Katonah Avenue sinkhole remains. Another person said it should be fixed since P.S. 19 is nearby.
"It's unbelievable that no one has done anything about this. We've made several phone calls to 311 to different agencies. No one has done anything about it," said resident Jim Gannon.
Dennis Riley has lived in the area and managed a location business on the intersection for nearly 19 years. He says his biggest concern is the safety of the community.
"There's a lot of people that go in there, a lot of older people that get hurt. I've seen a few people already drive into it. They almost lost their whole tire and one of these gentlemen here had to help a lady out backing her out because she was older," said Riley.
Both Dennis and Jim say they want the same thing – the peace of mind that comes with fixing the hole.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection to learn more about what is being done to fix the issue and have yet to hear back.