Residents protest proposed select bus service plan in Bensonhurst

Residents are rallying in Bensonhurst Monday to protest a proposed plan that would add select service buses to their neighborhood.
According to the City's Department of Transportation and the MTA , the plan would turn the B82 limited bus into a select bus service from Cropsey Avenue through Pennsylvania Avenue.
Officials say the goal is to provide commuters with a faster travel time on dedicated lanes for parts of the route. However, the plan would eliminate over 100 parking spots along Kings Highway.
Community members, as well as Assemblyman William Colton, say they are against the plan. They say parking is already difficult enough and that eliminating parking spaces would make things worse.
“I don’t need a faster service, it works just fine,” says Betty Bonanno, who's lived in the area for nearly 40 years.
Residents also say the city and MTA should talk to people in the neighborhood before planning changes that could make a huge impact to their community.