Restaurant receives second discriminatory letter in two weeks

A City Island restaurant continues to be the target of racist and antisemitic attacks, after it says it received a second discriminatory letter. 
Seafood Kingz, Archie’s Tap & Table and Caliente’s were all hit with hateful letters in their mailboxes last week that showed racist and antisemitic images and slurs.  
These restaurants hoped that would be the end of it, but unfortunately, Seafood Kingz received a second letter Thursday, with the sender calling them out for sharing the first one on social media, coupled with more racist remarks.  
The new letter refers to the Black-owned business as ‘sub-human’, among other derogatory terms. It also has references to the Nazi’s and Hitler, and Seafood Kingz has since handed the letter over to police. 
According to the envelope, the letter was processed in New Jersey, and has nearly identical handwriting to the first letter. Archie’s Tap & Table and Caliente’s did not receive a second letter.  
Darryl Lelie, the owner of Seafood Kingz, says the recent hate mail is disturbing but it has helped bring business, going on to add that he has found a silver lining in this hateful incident and discovered how much the community cares for them.  
That support will continue on Saturday afternoon, as Seafood Kingz plans to hold a rally outside of the restaurant with elected officials, church leaders, and City Island neighbors to let people know that hate will not be tolerated.