Riders on high alert after two recent subway attacks

Two separate subway attacks that recently took place in Brooklyn have MTA riders concerned for their own safety.  
One attack took place on May 23, when a 29-year-old woman was on the Q train. As it approached the Atlantic Avenue subway station, she was approached and punched multiple times by an unknown person before they took off.
The most recent incident took place at the Flatbush Avenue subway station just days ago, when a group of six people approached a 13-year-old boy, punching and kicking him before removing one of his shoes and his hat and fleeing the scene.  
"It's really scary knowing that this could happen to anybody,” said one rider. “I considered just buying a car because the subway feels unsafe sometimes." 
Back in October 2022, city officials announced an increased effort to add more police and security cameras across the subway system, but transit riders say safety is still their number one concern.  
“New York is trying to do better and have more cops and more surveillance… but knowing that something like this could happen nonetheless is very, very scary,” said another concerned commuter.  
The NYPD says it is continuing their search for the wanted individuals in those two incidents.