Risk of displacement grows as rent hikes strike city housing

The city recently released a displacement risk map, as rent hikes and other housing issues are increasing risk around the city.
The term "displacement" refers to any tenant who is no longer able to stay in their home. The recently released map shows several parts of Brooklyn are at the highest risk of having displaced tenants, with nearly all of the Bronx included as well.
"The real answer is we need to do something about it before everyone is pushed out," said Dennis Donnelly, supervising attorney at Communities Resist.
The data factors for things like housing without rent stabilization and private housing that doesn't offer affordable units.
The city's Rent Guidelines Board voted in June to increase rent for rent-stabilized homes by 3.25% on one-year leases, and 5% on two-year leases.
A bill aimed at fixing this issue is gaining traction. The "Good Cause Eviction" bill would make it so that when landlords raise the cost of a non-rent stabilized units above 5%, the tenant can contest it.