Riverdale woman creates comfy clothes and new business

A Riverdale woman used her free time during quarantine to get creative and start a business.
Jenna Postiglione says she has always had a lot of hobbies, but never a lot of time to do them.
While working from home and eliminating her commute, she found the time to take up sewing and create her business Sun of a Stitch.
"What I make is really comfy clothes," Postiglione says. "So like everyone loves to be comfy and everyone loves to hang out."
The clothes are personalized with a goody bag for the recipient.
Postiglione received the sewing machine after someone had posted that their mother had died. The person said their mother, Dee, loved sewing and they wanted the machine to go to a good place.
"It went from doing it in my bedroom, a one-bedroom apartment, to now having a whole studio for it," Postiglione says. "She is like, 'you are living out my mother's dream, she always wanted to do this.'"
Postiglione and the person who gave her the sewing machine have now become unexpected friends.