Road renamed after Bronx bishop who overcame hardships, served his community

A road in the Bronx was renamed on Friday to honor a bishop who overcame hardships and worked to serve his community.
Bishop Ceasar Gooding was honored on Good Friday seven years after his death. His family and parish gathered to celebrate his life, including his son, Pastor Jay Gooding Sr.
"There is a scripture in the bible that says your work will speak beyond the grave, and here it is seen years later. My dad's work is speaking beyond the grave," says Jay Gooding.
Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson contributed in honoring the bishop's legacy.
"To me, it has so much meaning for the family, the church and the entire community,” she says. “Street co-naming's reflect history. We celebrate a life, a living legacy and we keep their memories alive when we rename streets."
Bishop Gooding’s family says he lived a remarkable life. They say he suffered a brain injury and was completely paralyzed on his right side at the age of 21 while serving in the Korean War.
Bishop Gooding overcame those obstacles to preach and dedicated his life to his family, his parish, and God. He went on to start a parish that eventually ended up on McCombs Road, which is now renamed.
"That is the great inspiration, just seeing my father overcome his physical challenges," says Jay Gooding. "Not only did he live with a metal plate in his head 61 years after the fact, but he was a great blessing up and down this community."