'Safe Summer 2021' initiative aiming to combat gun violence

Activists joined organizers from all five boroughs Tuesday to push for the “safest summer ever.” 
The new initiative is called “Safe Summer 2021.” 
The initiative consists of a three-step plan: 
  • To identify areas hit hardest by gun violence 
  • To get anti-gun violence groups across the city working together 
  • To recruit community members not normally involved to join the cause 
The NYPD says that it has made 162 gun-related arrests last month in the Bronx alone. But activists say gun violence can’t be solved solely through policing. 
They say that as the weather warms up and more people spend time outside, they are worried about a potential increase in gun violence. 
“We have seen gun violence to an extreme that we’ve never seen before,” said David Caba, from Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence.
Leaders with Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence say the organization has several anti-gun efforts planned for the spring and summer.