School board votes to close Achievement First Voyager Elementary School in Crown Heights

An elementary school in Crown Heights is closing because there are not enough kids enrolled.
News 12 has been previously told that the only reason Achievement First Voyager Elementary School was facing closure is because they need 180 kids. This year, in its second year teaching kids, it only had 76.
On Thursday evening, a decision was made with the school board. The school will shut its doors at the end of the school year in June.
Parents say the lack of enrollment has nothing to do with the quality of the school they love.
Parents say they only found out about it earlier this month, and that it's something they wish they had known sooner so they could have helped boost enrollment.
News 12 was told the school will likely merge with another Achievement First School in the area and that each student and staff member has a guaranteed place to go.
In a statement, the school principal previously told News 12, "The good news is that in merging with other Achievement First elementary schools, we'll be able to provide our student's more robust services."
Parents have said they were already planning on keeping their kids at Achievement First Voyager Elementary, citing their love for its small class size and proximity to their homes.