Search continues 2 weeks after Bronx man reported missing

The family of Sean Mercedes is still searching for their loved one after he was reported missing on March 24.  
“I went outside earlier today in the neighborhood, combing dumpsters to see if I can find my son’s body,” said Lenin Mercedes, Sean’s father. “It’s been a slew of emotions from hope to despair… I need one type of finality and some type of closure, even if it's a body, just bring him back." 
Today marks Sean Mercedes’ 24th birthday, and his family says they filed a report after they found out he did not show up to work on the morning he went missing.
The family says they’ve been assigned a detective who they say doesn’t answer the phone, and after four days of calling him, they say he picked up to tell them that the case had been moved to the NYPD’s Missing Persons Department.  
Sean’S parents say they did not see any signs of depression or anxiety in their son, but say that he sent some worrisome text messages a few days before going missing.  
Virginia Rivas, Sean’s mother, says she has one message for him. 
“We love you and we want you home,” said Rivas. “We’re worried, and we’re very concerned, and we need you back home… we really miss you.”
Anyone who might have information about Sean’s disappearance is asked to contact the NYPD.