Security, homelessness among top concerns of MTA riders

The MTA released a survey of what issues MTA riders are most concerned about.

News 12 Staff

Jul 26, 2022, 1:24 AM

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The MTA released a survey of what issues MTA riders are most concerned about.
Most of these concerns are in relation to those who take the subway, with the top three results being personal security and safety, homelessness and people’s erratic behavior.
The results were announced during Monday’s MTA board meeting, where transit president Rich Davey mentioned the installation of 200 cameras across 100 subway cars.
Throughout the last few months, initiatives have been made to address these rider issues, including more police patrolling the subways and bringing in social workers to aid the homeless.
One representative from the Rider’s Alliance says these issues are beyond the MTA’s control.
“But on the MTA's side, just reminding people there's a safety issue doesn't really do very much except to say the MTA passes the buck to the city which is responsible for it,” said Danny Pearlstein, communications and policy director for the Rider’s Alliance. “The MTA should be doing its part which is creating safety in numbers by making transit better than it ever has been before."
The MTA provided a statement that read in part: "The MTA understands safety is important to riders and appreciates the partnership of the Governor, Mayor, and NYPD to address underlying causes of disorder in the transit system."
The statement also included that the MTA is committed to adding more social service workers and officers on the subways when needed.
For the full survey, click here.

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