Security upgrades coming to Brooklyn’s 47th district

Council Member Ari Kagan announced Sunday public safety and security upgrades in the southern Brooklyn area. The upgrades include more NYPD security cameras, a specialized unmarked police car and more precinct community councils.
Kagan told News 12 he secured capital funding and plans to use the money to create safer parks, safer streets, and safer housing for this Brooklyn community.
The NYPD security cameras will be posted at Kaiser Park, Stillwell Avenue, and between West 28th and 29th street. 
Kagan said he worked with NYCHA housing developments in the area to ensure functioning security cameras for residents. 
“I'm glad that I’m intermediating and helping to bring police and community together, working together to increase public safety, “ Kagan said.
Kagan added that it could take up to one year before these cameras are installed, but he hopes it helps to reduce crime and keep everyone safe.