Self-care resources for breast cancer patients

Whether you or a loved one have just been diagnosed, or are going through breast cancer treatment, the self-care resources below can help you:


Hair: AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water Removes Chlorine and Harmful Substances
Hair cleanser: dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, 20 oz - Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Alternative - Lavender Extract, Aloe Vera & Argan Oil - Scalp Cleanser - Removes Buildup, Reduces Dandruff, Adds Volume
Hands and feet: Icing hands and feet during chemo to avoid neuropathy. Gloves | Socks | Gel Packs



Chick Mission: This nonprofit organization, founded by Amanda Rice, focuses on critical issues unique to cancer patients – including fertility challenges that may follow after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drug treatment.


Skin Care: Violets are Blue - Clean beauty line of skin care products developed by a cancer survivor
Hair: Head wraps needed for losing hair - Style Esteem. Head wraps designed by a cancer survivor on a mission. Founded by a women in D.C. who traveled to NYC for breast cancer treatment.
Hair: Eyebrows and eyelashes - Lastisse. Castor oil: NOW SolutionsCastor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed
Acupuncture: Yinova

After chemo

Well being: Hot flashes from treatment – EMBR Wave bracelet. These are not based on evidence but some patients use these. It's marketed as a "personal thermostat for heating and cooling." Apparently you tap it when you feel the hot flash coming on and it feels like an ice cube is placed on your wrist. Some patients love it, it does not stop the hot flash from coming on but it decreases the quality and length of the hot flash. 
Radiation: Calendula Cream
Bra’s: Anita Lymph O'FitABC 525 | MAKEMERRY (Designed for comfort during radiation treatment)

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