Sen. Gillibrand, Bronx Borough President Gibson urge for end of food insecurity in borough

Elected officials are pushing for more healthy and affordable food options to be available at the Hunts Point Produce Market.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was joined by Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson Tuesday to call for mandatory critical funding to end food insecurity and food deserts throughout the city.
Gillibrand said about one in four Bronx residents face food insecurity, with COVID and inflation having made things worse. She's calling for $50 million in federal funding to fight the issue.
Gillibrand said that the ability to make affordable and nutritious food available to more people helps not just your diet, but also your overall well-being.
“No one should be facing food insecurity, especially those living in a community with such an extraordinary market. My healthy food financing initiative reauthorization act would help put an end to food deserts,” Gibson says. “Our blueprint is to transform the Bronx, to no longer be last in everything good, and first in everything bad..We are not accepting these statistics, but we're going to turn them into success stories."
Gillibrand says she's hopeful this bill can be passed before the end of the year.