Shopping on a budget: Here are some tips to save money at the supermarket

Rising food prices won't start to drop any time soon, according to this week's USDA Food Price Outlook.  So, how can you save money on your grocery bill at a time like this? A good plan could save all of us a lot of cash.
News 12’s Carissa Lawson was given a challenge -- go shopping on a budget to feed a family of four for a week.
According to the USDA, feeding a family of four costs anywhere between $150 to $300 a week. Carissa’s budget was $200.
Tip number one – make a list.
Tip number two -- don't accidentally buy something you already have at home. Looking at your supermarket's weekly circular online will get you to check and see what you need and helps you to make that list and plan out your meals.
Tip number three -- things may seem convenient, but that convenience costs more.
Tip number four -- be resilient. Did you ever wonder why most grocery stores put you in the produce aisle first? It's because they want you to reward yourself with those sweet treats in the end. They're not only not as healthy, but they also cost more.
Tip number five -- carry cash. Cash will keep you from overspending, and keeps you within your budget.
Carissa’s total was $140.60. That saved money can go toward your next supermarket trip.