Single-ride ferry tickets to cost $4 in mayor's new initiative

Mayor Eric Adams wants to make changes for those who travel to New York City by waterway through his new Ferry Forward initiative.
Bronx officials have said that up to 35% of NYC ferry riders come from the Bronx, and city leaders say 6 million people ride the ferry every year.
Starting in September, some riders will get to save some money when they ride. Seniors, those with disabilities and low income New Yorkers will pay just $1.35 for a ferry ticket.
Not all of the mayor’s new changes involve a discount, however. Single ride tickets will cost $4 a trip instead of the usual $2.75.
City officials say everyday riders can still keep their costs low by buying a 10-trip pack for $27.50, which comes out to around $2.75 a ride.
The $1 fee to bring your bike on the ferry is also being scrapped. The city says it will also target NYCHA residents who live near ferry stops to spread the word about the new discounts, as well as offer free tickets to first time riders.
Some riders tell News 12 they think this increase is unfair because the cost to hop on the bus or subway is staying the same. Others say taking the ferry is still worth it either way. 
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