Sinkholes plaguing Throgs Neck residents worsen after morning rainstorms

Throgs Neck neighbors say they have been dealing with sinkholes in their community and that one of them has grown into a big problem after Tuesday’s early morning rainstorms. 
The sinkhole in question was blocked off by a barricade and police tape.
A photo shared from a community member showed a vehicle with one of its rear tires stuck in the sinkhole. The neighbor says the car backed into it.  
The sinkhole’s depth is unknown because of the debris that has accumulated inside of it. One Throgs Neck resident says that work was done on it last week, but that they didn’t know who came to fill the hole on that day.  
Neighbors who spoke with News 12 pointed out a collection of other sinkholes and cracks in the roads throughout their neighborhood.  
The Department of Transportation did arrive Tuesday afternoon to patch the sinkhole that one car backed up into.