Some Bronx areas blemish clean NYC streets

The mayor's office announced Monday that 93 percent of streets in the Bronx and New York City are classified as clean.
The high percentage of clean streets is a big turnaround from the all-time low of 53 percent in 1980. Still, some of the dirtiest areas were found in the Bronx. Department of Sanitation officials said Community Board 1, which covers Mott Haven, Melrose and Port Morris, has the dirtiest sidewalks in the city. Community Board 5, consisting of University Heights, Morris Heights, Mount Hope and Fordham, has the dirtiest streets, sanitation officials said.
Xavier Rodriguez of Community Board 5 said the neighborhood is up to the challenge.
"Let's clean up the sidewalks," Rodriguez said. "Next year let's come close to being the cleanest, or be the cleanest."
Meanwhile, Community Board 8 in Riverdale was found to have the cleanest streets and sidewalks.
Inspectors report to the Department of Sanitation in monthly and annual reports. The department then uses the information to know which areas trash collectors should target.