Some residents opt to stay indoors for New Year's Eve to prevent spread of COVID-19

This New Year's Eve was different for everyone across the boroughs because of the pandemic.
Many residents in Canarsie said they would stay indoors this year with the hope that 2021 will be more positive for them. They said they would be OK with staying in and taking precautions against COVID-19.
New Year's Eve is typically a time of celebration with big get-togethers, but those in Canarsie said they listened to the pleas from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo by opting to stay in.
They say they would rather be safe than sorry this New Year's Eve, and that limiting the spread of COVID-19 should be in everyone’s best interest.
They say with all the ups and downs that happened in 2020, getting to 2021 should be a celebration within itself.