Some seniors are still waiting for stimulus checks

Some senior citizens say they are still waiting for their stimulus check from the American Rescue Plan.
The House Ways and Means Committee wrote a letter saying 30 million Americans are still waiting for their relief checks because Social Security had not sent paperwork to the IRS.
After the letter was sent, legislators reported the necessary files were delivered to the IRS, but stimulus payments still have not reached some of the people waiting for them.
One Patchogue couple on disability say they need the money to pay their rent. Cathy Zimmerman says she wants answers.
“We are getting the runaround,” Zimmerman says. “Social Security says its IRS’s fault. IRS says it’s Social Security. I don’t know what’s going on.”
The Social Security commissioner released a statement saying that the agency has been working day and night with the IRS to issue stimulus payments.
He also wrote that “there is no one more committed to serving the public than the employees of the agency. I find any insinuation to the contrary to be unacceptable.”