Some undocumented New Yorkers say getting vaccine comes with challenges

Some undocumented New Yorkers say signing up for the coronavirus vaccine is one hurdle after another.
Many immigrant New Yorkers have bared the brunt of the virus - as some have been on the front lines for a year now and offering essential services.
Rebecca Telzak is with Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy organization. She says from a community health standpoint, undocumented New Yorkers should have full access to the vaccine but there are some hurdles.
She says proof of employment is difficult for some immigrants, because they may work "under the table" and may not feel comfortable asking their boss to provide that proof.
Make the Road New York is fighting to make sure people can self-prove employment status for eligibility.
Another fight this advocacy group is taking on is the process of even getting an appointment and filling out various different forms.
Although there is some hesitancy in the process, Telzak says there isn't hesitancy in getting the vaccine, since many people she works with lost loved ones to the virus.
Telzak says signing up for the vaccine will not jeopardize getting a green card or a person's immigration status.