Soundview apartment building residents receive special fire safety lesson from FDNY

The presentation came almost eight months after a fire erupted in their building's attic.

News 12 Staff

Feb 25, 2024, 4:22 AM

Updated 55 days ago


A group of residents in a Soundview apartment building received a special fire safety lesson from the FDNY on Saturday.
The presentation came almost eight months after a fire erupted in their building's attic.
"The reason why were here today, is the importance of fire safety. If you can't prevent a fire, you can plan for it," said firefighter Nicole Rizzi, who has been with the FDNY for eight years.
Rizzi also lectures residents about how to keep safe in the case of a fire and shares advice on how to escape.
"Making sure that you have working smoke alarms. We cannot stress enough, a working smoke alarm. We cannot stress the importance of one, and to make sure you're changing your batteries," she said.
An alternative to smoke alarms for the hearing impaired is a life tone that will also alert people if there's a fire.
Tenants who live in 1471-72 Watson Ave. filled the community room in the building to learn what to do in the case of another fire.
Tenants said that they were grateful for the presentation in the aftermath of last summer's fire.
"Safety is very important to me, especially when we are vulnerable. How are we going to get them out? How can I get out?" said Rev. Carmen Hernandez.
She said the presentation was much needed and will now implement new measures to help tenants in the building prepare for a fire.
"We're going to practice drills, every floor is going to take a captain and they're going to be in charge with each other on that floor so we can be safe. That's the most important thing," Hernandez said.
Residents said they will also implement drills of their own for their families.

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